Monday, January 16, 2017

Time for Hollywood Liberals to Apologize. Really.


Let's just take a quick look at a current Hollywood TV show that is supposed to mirror current politics and give us a peek inside the White House in full operation: Madam Secretary.

I like this show - that's why I have watched it faithfully for 3 seasons.

Season 3 Ep 06 is quite a gem in the Liberal left's political Fantasy Island, as it includes the most perfect portrayal of a blatant bait and switch tactic used by the liberal left so often in this political climate, and whats worse is that people stand up, cheer, and call this rhetoric 'genius'.

The synopsis:

A Muslim blows up a coffee shop full of white customers, and it is revealed that one of the Madam Secretary's crew, a speechwriter named Matt Mahoney is part Muslim, and starts taking heat for it - to the point of the President's Chief of Staff asking him to write a speech how it does not reflect him as a Muslim, or any other Muslim, for that matter, and to disavow the act.

So what does the one of Muslim Faith in the White House say to this request by the COS?


He then demands - yes, this 'gofer' White House employee - just demands that everyone gather for him, even offhandedly telling the Madam Secretary's assistant to 'Get the Secretary' in the room.

And then, getting ready for the Emmy Nom on all fronts, the show comes out blasting with both liberal barrels, giving us all at once a breathtaking, condescending, finger wagging, soaring, master crafted...

load of hogwash.

Let's see if you can catch it.

"Of course, I'm just as horrified as everyone that a deranged man blew up a coffee shop. I mean, how could anyone ever doubt that? But I'm NOT saying anything, publicly or otherwise, because I shouldn't have to. My condemnation should just be a given. When a white man shoots up a black church, no one demands that white men across the country denounce the attack. It's understood that the perpetrator is on the fringe, that every American decries the tragedy. But somehow, when an Islamic extremist commits an atrocity, every Muslim is implicated."

Well, there you have it. He sure told us, didn't he? People all over the internet are applauding the genius of this, and the timeliness, etc.

But what is he really saying? A grand truth? An inspiring diatribe on par with 'hope and change'?


In fact, it is the biggest offensive slap in the face to intellectuals and educated people everywhere.

This is the typical bait and switch that actually intellectually destroys itself, rendering it worse than meaningless.

Did you catch it? He says:

"When a white man shoots up a black church, no one demands that white men across the country denounce the attack... But somehow, when an Islamic extremist commits an atrocity, every Muslim is implicated."

So in what is supposed to be a utterly irrefutable blast of logic and ethical lesson from the Liberal Left becomes a tragic and embarrassing mess of uneducated, soulish, and adolescent thoughtless meandering.

You see, he baits you with what you think is going to be an ethical lesson based on the issue (muslim terrorist), but then *switches* at the last second by using as his primary example something not even remotely in the same world, or universe even, of his argument.

He starts talking about Muslims - which is a Faith - and switches to a 'White Man', which is Race.

So of course he's talking about Dylan Storm Roof who shot up a black Church, killing 9 people, and the crux of his argument to not personally condemn the Muslim suicide bomber as a fellow Muslim is because no other White Males were demanded to disavow Dylan Storm Roof when he murdered blacks.

But the problem is - being a white male is not a faith that you choose to subscribe to, nor does it come with a hand book of instructions, like say - the Quran.

What the character of Matt Mahoney is REALLY saying - is that (something else we have heard of far too often) if a Catholic priest is found to have molested a child, the Catholic Priests or Church is/are off the hook and have no obligation to disavow or denounce these actions.


Yes - that's his argument, which I and anyone who is being intellectually honest would say is horrifically ridiculous.

So Matt Mahoney gives what is called a 'Straw Man Argument'.

He was asked as a subscriber to a chosen Faith, Muslim Faith, to disavow and distance himself from a fellow Muslim of the *exact same Faith* who takes his Faith seriously in the removal of the infidel, of which they are instructed to do, with violence. And what he calls a Muslim 'Extremist', or 'Radicalized' is so intellectually dishonest to actual Muslim teaching as to be laughable. In fact Muslims who are NOT radicalized or extreme are told they will go to Hell!! Quran 4:95-97^^

So why does he make an argument to not disavow or denounce the grotesque and evil actions of his fellow Muslim brother in the Faith by using  RACE by means of example in a Faith argument?

Because Hollywood liberals and their audiences are not smart enough to know the difference.

This is an affront to intellectualism in every way, and the acceptance of convoluted arguments such as these - a devastating commentary on modern societies ability to critically think.

Oh, and by the way, white males everywhere in fact DID denounce & disavow what Dylan Storm Roof did - and because there is ONE photo of this low life - one photo in all his life - with a confederate flag in his hand, our Governments took down all US Historical Confederate battle Flags off all buildings, even taking down historic statues in the Southern States that had any link to the Confederacy. Our whole country went far beyond what was ever necessary to denounce the white male killer.

So not only is this argument found in Madam Secretary self defeating and contradictory, but it also purposefully misleads the viewers from the actual facts concerning the 'white male' shooting, and it's aftermath.

Funny, Muslims still get to hang their flags in the USA.

^^As far as instructions for EVERY Muslim in the Quran, not just the *radicalized* ones, here you go:

Muslim call to violence: Quran Instructions

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